The problem

Climate change is leading to momentous changes in our environment. This presents humankind with our greatest collective challenge to date: the survival of our species. Our current lifestyle, particularly our ruthless consumption and exploitation of resources, is the largest contributor to the dangerous imbalance our habitat is in. This is a scientific fact.

The solution is to create a climate-neutral society. We can only achieve this goal, collectively as a species, through the sum of our actions. Together, we need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and provide alternatives that will lead to fundamental changes in our living and consuming habits, and WE are me and You. Each individual has an obligation to act. We must implement essential building blocks of a climate-neutral life into our personal lives. In turn, this will lead politics and business in the right direction. It is necessary to develop an individual consciousness. We want to contribute to this development with The GREEN PATH. We aim to inspire people to consciously adopt small actions to reduce CO2 emissions, thus serving as role models for others. Any act that reduces CO2 emissions and is imitated by others multiplies the positive effect. Let’s start today, together – that’s what it’s all about.

The project

In public exhibitions, we display portraits of people who have decided to reduce their personal CO2 emissions. We share their individual actions against climate change to make them visible and understandable. The result is a catalog of small climate changes that anyone can imitate immediately.

In turn, we ask you to tell other people about these actions and incite them to make similar changes. This incitement is essential and is the main focus of our exhibition: when an act is imitated to reduce CO2 emissions, this automatically doubles the savings. We want to promote and map this important acceleration process. With the simple symbolism of two green stripes, the principle of incitement is visible. The first stripe indicates the climate-saving actions of the individual, and the second his power of persuasion over others. The two green stripes demonstrate the power of the role model – I introduce the action, and you implement it. Together we have truly reduced CO2 emissions.


Partner und Unterstützer